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Our Initiatives

Our mission is to ensure the long-term sustainable and inclusive growth of Travel & Tourism. This requires strong public-private collaboration and an enabling environment to address current and emerging challenges and opportunities for the sector.

In this context, WTTC focuses on three key initiatives:

  • Security and Travel Facilitation
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Crisis Preparedness, Management & Recovery
Alongside our three key initiatives, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working to reopen the Travel & Tourism sector together with our Members, Governments, and other associations. This work includes the creation of the SafeTravels Protocols and Stamp initiatives; the Future of Travel & Tourism report and work focusing on the Social Impact of the sector.

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Security & Travel

Encouraging public-private collaboration, innovation, and the deployment of technology to ensure that travel is safe, secure, and seamless.

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Sustainable Growth

Ensuring that Travel & Tourism growth benefits everyone, protects cultural and natural heritage and contributes positively to Climate & Environment Action.

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Crisis & Recovery

Bringing together the public & private sector to enhance the sector’s preparedness and resilience to address the crises of today and tomorrow.

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Due to the need for a global coordinated approach to recovery, we launched the SafeTravels Protocols and the world's first health and hygiene Stamp.

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Travellers Hub

Our Travellers Hub educates travellers on the social benefits of responsible & sustainable travel, so that they can feel great about every trip they take
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Women's Initiative

We launched our Women’s Initiative, at our Global Summit in Cancun, with the help of 18 Grand Slam singles title winner, Martina Navratilova.

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